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If you are a large / small organization, private label, private equity with large partners community, supermarket / chain, nonwoven converter, large brand or just a private cool brand owner that want to develop and sell your own Biodegradable Moist Toilet Paper Roll. We at WipeMeWorld the innovators in that space invented this product, instead of going to the market alone with our own brands we also offer a new Licensing Business Model for your convenient. It is easy, flexible and will get you up and running in no time. With a large business partners community, It is the best flexible option to bring our Patented Biodegradable Moist Toilet Paper into your market. You will be able to control your own budget and resources with a better margins, own distributors, own marketing, own connections which can help you drive the business into success.

Don’t wait and start today to become a leader in your own market space!

What it means Licensing model? simply means that the patent owner grants permission to another individual/organization to use his patented invention products. This takes place according to agreed terms and conditions, for a defined purpose, in a defined territory, and for an agreed period of time.

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