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Disruptive Sustainable Innovation Company that target to reduce the global Deforestation and save our planet.

WipeMe® is a first in a kind patented roll of Biodegradable moist toilet paper within a sealed flexible wrapper. It is an ingenious new disposable personal hygiene product packed with Biodegradable moist toilet paper. The WipeMeWorld team identified the need for Biodegradable moist toilet papers on a rolling dispenser as a replacement for the traditional toilet paper, the market demand for moist toilet paper is growing fast and WipeMe® solution is the only best innovative solution in the market to fulfill this demand. WipeMe® development by a group of pioneers from UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Israel with one state in mind of improving our world and reduce the worldwide paper consumption. All WipeMeWorld products are echo friendly, fully Recyclable & Biodegradable, reduces dramatically the global deforestation for up to 80% and only embedded with true and approved Biodegradable moist toilet papers. WipeMeWorld started with a plastic base solution and now testing with some of the industry leaders the way to use paper base, we already have a working concept and working prototypes while the development is still taking place. WipeMeWorld represent the most advanced Toilet Paper in the world and it is the only kind, the development of the product took many years and it is fully protected by global patents. When compared to existing traditional toilet paper, WipeMe® is more accessible, sustainable, disposable and mostly hygiene. WipeMe® is suitable for any gender and age group and is very easy to use. Consumer who experience using WipeMe® comment that "WipeMeWorld is the best innovative product they ever encounter."

WipMeWold compatability

The main characteristics of WipeMe® is that it doesn't require changing any of the consumers behavior or habits, WipeMe® align with the market demand, it is simple to use, looks and feel same as traditional toilet paper but by using Biodegradable moist toilet paper, WipeMe® increase by 80% the consumers hygiene level. WipeMeWolrd won IDEA Achievement AWARD which is one of the most respecting awards in the nonwoven market competing agains tother well known brands in the market.

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The Evolution of Moist Toilet Paper

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