WipeMeWorld is a global vendor provider for Biodegradable Moist Toilet Paper Rolls, we have a global presence and wide partners community who supports us with our innovation in the market. Our headquarter and local presence cover USA, Hong Kong, Germany and Israel but with wider reach as request. We hold a global novel patented Biodegradable Moist Toilet Paper dispensed roll from a fully recyclable Biodegradable material. As the WipeMe® is our own brand, our company also offers OEM/ODM and full B2B corporation solutions. We serve Retailers, Hotels, Large Chain Stores, Wholesalers, Online, Subscription Models, Chemical and Cleaning companies across the world.


We base our philosophy on the TOTAL quality concept. Our formula for an effective product does not only include simple quality, but also encompasses other aspects:
• Workplace safety
• Environmental management and solution
• Leadership and cooperation
The demand for TOTAL quality at WipeMe® creates more than economic success. This concept is responsible for sustainable contribution to the environment and to society.


• We are dedicated to improve the consumer’s experience using Toilet Paper.
• To be the leading name in our industry in innovation, pricing and products.
• Save the planet by providing Echo Friendly products and solution.
• To improve consumer's hygiene with our unique product range.


Our mission at WipeMeWolrd is to consistently improve our offerings. We provide high quality products that merge excellence with high value pricing while establishing a flourishing association with our customers. We at WipeMeWorld pride ourselves on excellence and we have a passion for what we do. We make sure everything we do honors that connection – from our commitment to the highest quality biodegradable moist toilet paper in the world, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly. Customers are at the center of everything we do – and that is reflected in our company’s vision and values. While our vision defines our goals, our core values serve as our roadmap, guiding our actions for the benefit of all our associates.


WipeMe® manufacturing processes and logistics are optimized through continuous improvements, investment in more efficient solutions and the discontinuation of unprofitable capacity. WipeMeWorld as a company works constantly on efficiency enhancement. Through these processes we achieve significant cost savings.


WipeMeWorld developed and launched the first ever Patented Biodegradable Moist Toilet Paper on a Roll, it's a novel patented solution. Customers who were exposed to this new technology significantly reduced the use of conventional toilet paper and achieved extremely higher hygiene on a daily basis. The uniqueness of WipeMeWorld technology allows consumers to use one of the most advanced toilet paper ever invented. Through the years, the WipeMeWorld team developed and maintained an R&D team to be able to allow consumers to enjoy this technology. In response to demands for intelligent hygiene solutions, which are driven by greater awareness of hygiene and pandemic threats, the WipeMeWorld team launched the first moist Toilet Paper (WipeMe®). Each moist paper is dispensed one piece at a time and the user is not required to touch anything. The WipeMe® product comes in different sizes, scents and shapes. Each specific design is tailored to that country’s consumer base. Our developed packaging mechanism simplifies the day-to-day usage of our product. Our unique mechanism allows the WipeMe® roll to mount on any traditional toilet paper holder and roll freely while dispensing moist papers easily and naturally.Consumers who choose WipeMeWoprld need only 1 WipeMeWorld verses a typical traditional 7 toilet paper. The solution provide 80% more durability than the traditional toilet paper. We can match our packaging to any toilet paper holder in any target sector. The packaging does not require any tools to open or flatten if desired and it is fully Biodegradable. WipeMeWorld do not offer any refile packaging as the product is one time use, in our latest technology we integrate new solution that reduce the plastic parts which allow lower pricing and more sustainable Biodegradable solution. The produce come to replace the traditional toilet paper, similar use.


We strive to be a dependable long-term partners to our worldwide customers. We can only achive that with expert customer advice and an all-encompassing support service. Our aim is to make sure all parties are satisfied. This philosophy applies to our suppliers and business partners as well.
Thats why we choose our certified partners carefully, we don't allow any partner to join our community only after we evaluate their business case and integrity for saving the planet.


Reliability is a prerequisite to successful cooperation. It creates trust, and trust is the basis of long-term partnerships and sustainable success. Our goal is the continual improvement of products, processes and services to ensure economic success, customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility. We also taking to our attention who are our partners, we pick them carefully to represent similar interest as WipeMeWorld and how to improve our world.